The Land of Deborah is an independent artist with a unique take on life, love and the pursuit of fair trade chocolate. 

Born and raised in England, Deborah is a world traveler who now calls Vancouver home. Her influences range from Simon & Garfunkel to ABBA to Joan Baez. Her musical style is in the vein of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson and described in Georgia Straight as "Feel good folk-pop". Audience members describe her music as "transformative" and "soothing".

Deborah has released several albums: “IN” (2011) is a cornucopia of feel good, infectious songs, sprinkled with quiet moments of introspection and emotional revelations. It is personal, eclectic and downright fun. “IN” was followed by the acoustic album "Teeny Tiny Friends" (2015) and an album with The Land of Deborah Band, “Little Stories” is due in the Spring of this year. The pre-releases of "Hey You", “Pocket of Heaven”, Show Me" and "Happy" provides a tasty sampling of what you can expect from The Land of Deborah. (See the videos below)

The last few years have brought with them numerous successes that are reflected in the song choices on “IN”.  Found on the CD is the catchy homage to seventies pop music, “I Don’t Mind”, the theme song of the short film, Potluck.  “I Don’t Mind” and the score for "Potluck" was named Best Composition at the 2009 Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF), as well as receiving a nomination at the 2009 Feel Good Film Festival for Best Original Song. 

In 2011, her first music video "Pocket of Heaven" aired on "The AOF Channel" Series shown on various NBC affiliates in the US. "Pocket of Heaven" is from the album "Little Stories".

In 2012 she was again nominated for Best Composition at the AOF, taking home the "Runner Up" award for her song "Taken", the theme song for the short film, A Rendezvous.

In 2014 her music video for "Hey You" from "Teeny Tiny Friends" was nominated in the Best Music Video category at AOF. Out of 6 other nominations she was thrilled to come in "Runner Up".

2016 was an epic year for a short film she scored, "Chaos Management", which won numerous "Best Short Film" awards including a "Best Director" and a "Best Writer " win for Michelle Muldoon. This year she was honoured to win "Best Music Score" for the film at the Malibu West International Film Festival.

Also a selection on her music was part of programming on the OWN Network (Oprah Prime, "Where Are They Now?" and on various episodes of "Best Oprah Show Moments") and has been heard both here and abroad.

As well as releasing "Teeny Tiny Friends" last year Deborah also performed a live mini-concert on Del Weston's Action on Film Show which can be seen by clicking here

“IN” followed Deborah’s previous EP release, “You Are Here”, which received the following review by R.C. Joseph of 24 Hours:

"One need listen no further than The Land of Deborah’s latest release, You are Here, to witness one of the smoothest voices in the city. Coupled with distinct yet subtle instrumentation, The Land of Deborah’s sound grows to resemble that which may have occurred if M.I.A. set out to make a Carly Simon record.”